RNEA prides itself with making all clients, from seasoned developers to those hiring an architect for the first time, feel comfortable and welcome. We recognize that most clients in fact have never worked with an architect before and we take it upon ourselves to educate our clients as to what it is we do, how we can assist with their project, and how an architect can add great value to their project. Additionally, the American Institute of Architects (AIA), of which RNEA is a member, provides numerous resources for prospective clients, including You and Your Architect, which provides an excellent overview of what it is an architect does and what the process of working with one entails. Still have questions? Always feel free to contact us!

I’VE never worked with an architect before and don’t know where to begin

As an architecture practice that recognizes the immense value that a master builder can bring to a project, not just from a construction point of view, but also from a design perspective, there are certain projects where not only would an architect not be necessary, but RNEA would actually recommend certain master builders to the client. As architects, our duty is always to the client, and if we recognize that our services would not add significant value to your project then it is our policy to recommend that to you.

i feel like i could just hire a contractor for my job, why should i hire an architect?

i have a small project that i would like professionally designed but am worried that it wouldn’t be either taken on or given priority

RNEA strongly believes that architectural design services should be accessible to anyone who desires them and gives small projects, whether a shed, garage, or other simple shelter, the same professional service it would for someone commissioning us to design a large home or commercial building.